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RekordKrate - Ian Ellis

Aimed squarely at pro and semi-pro djs, RekordKrate will help you navigate around your music collection like never before, giving you an unprecedented ability to improvise during a live set, whilst staying in perfect key. RekordKrate puts perfect Harmonic Mixing at your fingertips, with no knowledge of musical theory required - you will wonder how you ever managed without it. It is the perfect companion to Pioneer CDJ900 or CDJ2000, but also to putting together a promotional mix or radio show in the studio.

The concept of original progressive house pioneer, Ian Ossia, the app has been designed to fill the hole left by the disappearance of the boxes of vinyl that were so lovingly carried around the world by djs prior to the digital revolution - no longer can the dj turn to his box and flick through it looking for something to pop out, however RekordKrate will become your new best friend at a gig, not only giving you a slick touch-screen user interface to view your tracks and playlists with ease, but also presenting you instantly with mix options for harmonically perfect mixes. Mix like a true master.

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